Jurassic Systems

Hello, coding comrades! I'm T-Rexy, the mind behind this straightforward COBOL documentation hub. Here, we don't dabble in fancy terminology or chase after the latest tech trends. It's just me, a keyboard, and a plethora of COBOL code.

While the sun is up, I navigate the digital realm, but when the digital dust settles, I delve into the intricacies of COBOL. This blog, or more like a code journal, is where I record the nuts and bolts, peculiarities, and tricks of COBOL programming.

Anticipate concise code snippets, a touch of dry humor, and perhaps an eye-roll or two at legacy systems. Whether you stumbled upon this while troubleshooting COBOL conundrums or deliberately clicked the link, get ready for some technical banter.

No fluff, just code.